Beauty of faceSpa- complex «Melrose» offers its visitors a professional software facial skin care.

Our beautician will select a set of procedures and cosmetic products, keeping in mind your individual needs , thus achieving the desired result.


Cleansing - a special cosmetic procedure whereby the skin is removed contamination gangrenous cells of the epidermis, sebaceous glands cleaned .

Moisturizing treatments for all skin types - deeply moisturize and prevent moisture loss transepidermadniy, soothe, normalize blood flow . The skin is smoothed, the complexion is improved.

Body treatments - designed for intense nourishment and hydration of the skin , restoring its elasticity, activation of vital signs.

Lightening Treatments - brightens skin, fills it with micronutrients and antioxidants, very refreshing, maintaining an optimum level of moisture , eliminate signs of stress and fatigue.

Procedure "Anti -acne" - has a clearing and antiseptic, helps narrowing the pores, improves local immunity, perfectly soothing problem skin.

Chemical Peels - This procedure is applied to the skin of various chemical agents ( acids) to cause chemical burns , which is controlled by the depth of penetration. Acids zluschuyut keratinizing cells , thus contributing to the rejuvenation of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin , improving the synthesis of new cells intact . As a result of stimulation of the skin is an increase in its tone and elasticity. Also peeling procedure is effective for the prevention and treatment hiperpihmentatsiy , hyperkeratosis , acne and postakne .

Almond, milk, glycolic peels or Dzhesnera - Our beautician will pick you peel it necessary , given the situation and the type of skin, and season.



This procedure will clean your face with the first signs of skin aging, reduce the signs of age-related changes, increase skin elasticity, restore the regenerative capacity of the epidermis.

Concentrated Serum restore the protective layer of the skin regain smoothness and lightness, saturation and improve the microcirculation of the skin cells of oxygen, displays toxins, regulate the sebaceous glands.

Mask living collagen algae strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which will prevent them from further destruction, instantly soothe sensitive skin. procedure has a strong moisturizing effect. The effect is observed after the first procedure - umenshaetsya depth of wrinkles, skin texture improves. Prolonging effect observed for 5-6 days.

Upon completion of the procedure, a cream containing biometric DERMAXYL peptide will be caused, which simulates the production of procollagen. Vitamins make up inactivate free radicals and protect skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Procedure 1 hour.